TikTok: 5 budget-friendly Valentine’s Day tips

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It’s Valentine’s Day and with TikTok searches for “Budget Valentine’s Day” reaching 35.1 bln views, this suggests that people are looking for cheaper alternatives this year.

Curious, OnlineCasinos.co.uk consulted social media site TikTok to reveal five ways you can save this Valentine’s Day.

To determine these tips and hacks, the UK online casinos comparison site searched for videos under the keywords ‘Valentine’s day hack’, ‘Valentine’s day on a budget’, ‘Affordable Valentine’s day’, ‘Budget-friendly Valentine’s day’ and ‘Cheap Valentine’s day ideas’ on TikTok.

They then recorded the most ‘viral’ videos, by identifying those with high views and likes on the site.

Five affordable hacks to try this Valentine’s day:

  1. Make a ‘Love Coupon’

Instead of store-bought cards, a more meaningful and cheaper alternative is to hand-make a special Valentine’s day card for your loved one. As shown by TikTok user @sanaxahmad, personalise your Valentine’s cards with a handmade Love Coupon, which includes a series of budget-friendly activities you can both enjoy. All it requires are a pair of scissors, a glue stick, paper/card and markers.

  1. Try the ‘supermarket’ challenge

This challenge encourages a low-cost, fun activity to try. User @serenaajoyce_ suggests building a thoughtful, personalised hamper within your own set budget, filling this with your partner’s favourite items or snacks you can find around your store of choice. Try setting a theme for the gifts, to keep it interesting.

  1. Pick your partner’s favourite flowers instead of pre-arranged bouquets

Gifting flowers is a common way of showing appreciation, but pre-made bouquets can be costly and impersonal.

Avoid online floral services and instead visit your local florist (or local shop as TikTok user @victoriaxunderwood suggests), so you can handpick your partner’s favourite flowers and the quantity. Not only can this be a cheaper alternative but you are also supporting your local businesses.

  1. Avoid the crowds

Restaurants and date hotspots are often fully-booked and pricey during Valentine’s. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a special day. According to TikTok user, @vivianeaudi, you can set up fun, low-cost activities, such as going on a picnic, arts and crafts, games or enjoy a cosy dinner and a movie at home.

  1. Deciding on a reasonable budget

There are numerous ways to show your love this Valentine’s day without breaking the bank. Communicating a reasonable budget with your partner beforehand is one of them. TikTok user @rosie.piper shares that it doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive; this can simply be grabbing coffee from your favourite local café and spending time together.