Influenza A outbreak concern

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The government is concerned about the outbreak of Influenza A, but there is no cause for alarm, said Heath Minister Michael Hadjipantela.

He urged people – especially the elderly – to get vaccinated with the flu jab to prevent hospitalisation.

GPs are offering the jab free of charge.

Speaking at the launch of the iSAVElives app, Hadjipantela said the flu outbreak is worrying, but there is no panic.

“In recent days, there has been a significant decrease in coronavirus cases, according to the Ministry of Health’s data.

“It is an issue that we are aware of, we are dealing with it, and this allows me to urge people to get vaccinated with the flu vaccine, so they do not end up, especially the elderly, in hospitals.”

On union demands for a collective agreement for workers hired since 2019 on personal contracts, the Health Minister said he understood the positions of both sides, noting that there is a plan in case of an impasse.

“We need to let this independent body consult with the unions, see where they end up and if they do not, then with goodwill, we will try to find a solution.”

Asked when the Nicosia General Hospital Children’s Emergency Department would open its doors; the Health Minister hoped it would open at the end of January.