Larnaca pier to be new hot attraction

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Larnaca will soon have another destination to visit, as construction on a museum dedicated to the town’s history and floating hospitality venues get off the ground at the marina.

As announced, Kition Ocean Holdings – the Cypriot-Israeli consortium awarded the €1.2 bln redevelopment project of the marina and port – work on the pier is underway.

Although it has more than a two-month delay, contractors are optimistic they will keep to their initial delivery goal for June 2023.

Work on the pier was supposed to begin on 1 November last year.

Talking to Phileleftheros daily, Kition Ocean’s CEO, Panos Alexandrou, said: “Work on the pier has already started, with the main part of the redevelopment project to start next, once the Ministry of Transport has issued the necessary permit.

“We will try to speed up the work so that we can finish in June. Our wish is for the pier to open by the summer.”

According to the plans, the historic Larnaca marina pier will be revamped, with new railings, modern lighting, and new benches added.

The lighthouse at the end of the quay will be upgraded, and a photography museum dedicated to the history of the town and the marina will be set up at the entrance.

“The plan is to build four floating kiosks for hospitality venues on the right side of the pier with seating arrangements on the pier itself,” said Alexandrou.

The project will be carried out gradually, aiming to reduce the impact on diving schools and boat owners who organise excursions.

A major part of the first phase of the redevelopment of the port and marina will be launched in Autumn 2023.

Initially, work was set to start this April but was pushed back to September this year.

According to Alexandrou, the contractors will need four years to complete the work from the beginning of the project.

The project is estimated to generate around €12 bln for the government.

It will create about 4,000 new jobs, calculating those directly tied to the marina operations and businesses that will open outlets in the commercial areas.

The work will be carried out in four phases over 15 years.

The BOT project will see the government receiving fixed rent and a percentage of the revenue through a concession agreement with the port/marina operated on a 40-year lease and real estate acquired on a 125-year lease.

After 40 years, the port and marina can be returned to the government.

Reconstruction of the existing marina will accommodate 650 yachts and offer facilities such as boat repairs.

An upgraded Larnaca port will accommodate ships up to 450 metres in length, such as luxury cruise ships, energy exploration vessels, military, and other merchant ships.