Larnaca’s cinema landmark making comeback

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Larnaca’s iconic Rex Cinema, nestled in the heart of the town on Vasileos Pavlou Square, might soon witness a vibrant revival, thanks to a proposal by the municipality to create a Film Centre.

The move is not only a nod to the desires of residents eager to see the legendary REX cinema come back to life but also a strategic effort to position Larnaca as a haven for cinema lovers.

Mayor Andreas Vyras voiced his excitement about the proposal by the president of the Larnaca Film Club and film producer Michalis Kalopedis.

“This is a proposal that is gaining ground,” said Vyras.

He said another proposal from the Larnaca 2030 organisation is under consideration to create a Museum of the People of Larnaca.

The vision behind the proposal by the Larnaca Film Club is to establish a hub for independent cinema, fostering the production, support, and promotion of culture in Larnaca.

The envisioned Larnaca Film Centre, slated to be a non-profit organisation with the Municipality of Larnaca as a key stakeholder, seeks to elevate the town’s appeal to local and foreign film productions.

Plans envision going beyond a mere cinematic space; they aim to enhance the town’s allure to film producers by setting up a dedicated ‘film office’ and necessary infrastructure.

This strategic move aims to create an environment conducive to film productions choosing Larnaca as their base, ultimately contributing to strengthening the local economy.

The Larnaca Film Club, integral to the envisioned Centre, will be pivotal in promoting quality films from European and international independent cinema.

To diversify revenues, the Film Club proposes utilising the Rex Cinema Centre for conferences, seminars, and other cultural events.

As the Municipality of Larnaca progresses with its plans, a tender is underway to find a designer to undertake the renovation study of the building, as confirmed.

Emphasising the intention to preserve the retro character and colours of the facade, Mayor Vyras stated: “When the project matures, efforts will be made to find funding from EU Cohesion Funds.”

The REX cinema was built in 1950, replacing the Salon Pink cinema, which burned down in 1948.