Winter pays short visit before mild Christmas

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Cyprus had a more wintery outlook Wednesday after days of sunshine and unusually warm weather; however, meteorologists rule out any hopes of a white Christmas as more sunshine is on the way.

In comments to the news site Philenews, the head of the island’s meteorological services, Kleanthis Nicolaides, said that a low-pressure weather system could bring local thunderstorms and snow in the highest mountains.

However, there will be no white Christmas, nor a chance to wear your favourite festive woolly jumper, as maximum temperatures will climb above the average 17°C on Christmas Eve.

“The most we can expect during Christmas is clouds, as a high-pressure system will be moving in from north Africa,” said the weather expert.

The weather will be partly cloudy on Wednesday, while local showers or isolated thunderstorms are expected, mainly on the south coast.

In the higher mountains, it is not excluded that snow or sleet will fall. In addition, moderate to strong winds will affect the area, especially in the east.

Temperatures will drop significantly to reach below the normal seasonal levels at around 14°C.

In the mountains, it is expected to drop to 7C, forming frost on the highest peaks.

Increased clouds may bring isolated showers on Thursday and Friday.

Temperatures are expected to rise from Thursday, while Saturday is expected to be warmer than the season’s average.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, temperatures are expected to be close to 20°C, climbing further in the week leading to New Year’s Eve.