Nicosia welcomes EU Turkey reference

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Cyprus welcomed the adoption of the EU Council Conclusions on Enlargement, which called on Ankara to stop any actions that could potentially lead to upgrading the breakaway north.

“This reference is included for the first time in EU Council Conclusions and is considered to be of paramount importance in light of Turkey’s efforts to upgrade the status of the secessionist entity,” the Foreign Ministry said.

It argued that the references to Varosha are significant, as illegal actions are again condemned. Ankara is called upon to reverse them in the fenced-off area and fully respect Security Council Resolutions 550, 789, 1251.

“The Council accurately underlines the state of affairs in relation to Turkey, highlighting the lack of progress in its EU accession process.

“At the same time, it repeats the responsibilities and obligations arising from its institutional obligations vis a vis the Republic of Cyprus,” the Foreign Ministry noted.

It said that the Conclusions are critical of Turkey since they confirm the EU’s commitment to finding a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus issue on the agreed basis of the Bizonal Bi-communal Federation.

“The Council even calls on Turkey to contribute in the above direction”.

It said the Council expressed strong disappointment with Turkey’s non-alignment with EU sanctions against Russia and Ankara’s foreign policy, which distanced from the bloc’s political priorities, especially those related to Common Foreign and Security Policy.

European leaders once again expressed their concern about the continued provocative moves and the hybrid rhetoric of Ankara against member states, the Foreign Ministry added.

“Turkey is once again called upon to implement all its obligations vis a vis Cyprus, i.e., recognition of the Republic of Cyprus, normalisation of relations, full implementation of the Additional Protocol for the Customs Union.”

The Foreign Ministry said that another important new element of this year’s Conclusions is the reference to Turkey’s obligation to align its visa policy with the EU.