Anastasiades tells Macron Cyprus issue causes East Med friction

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As long as the Cyprus problem remains unresolved, it will continue to threaten peace and security in Europe; President Nicos Anastasiades told France’s Emmanuel Macron.

He presented proposals which could form the basis for an initiative on the Cyprus issue.

According to the Cyprus Presidency, Anastasiades informed President Macron about the latest developments in the Cyprus issue, thanking him for Frances’ robust support.

Due to the rapidly changing geopolitical environment following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Anastasiades conveyed to Macron “his strong concern that, as long as the Cyprus problem remains unresolved, it will continue to be a  threat to peace and security, not only in the fragile region of the Eastern Mediterranean but also Europe”.

Anastasiades “submitted some proposals to President Macron which would be able to help the de-escalation and avoidance of tensions and create those necessary conditions for the resumption of a fruitful dialogue for the settlement of the Cyprus issue”.

“The proposals, which could form the basis for taking the initiative, provide in the first stage for a more active involvement of partners who have a role to play in the Cyprus issue, including, of course, France, always in consultation with the United Nations”.

The Presidency said, “as soon as conditions allow, there could be the active involvement of the European Union to find a functional and sustainable solution that will benefit all Cypriot citizens.”

Anastasiades conveyed his sincere appreciation for the excellent cooperation “but also a close friendship that contributed to the further strengthening of relations between Cyprus and France.”

He reiterated that France is one of the most important partners of Cyprus, a strategic partner contributing to creating security conditions in the Eastern Mediterranean region.