Rescued bird released into the wild 

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A Kingfisher was released back into the wild after it was successfully rehabilitated after being found suffering from exhaustion.

Akrotiri Environmental and Education Centre (AEEC) staff and members of the Cyprus Game and Fauna Service helped release it.

The bird was found during its migration efforts and underwent treatment at the Game and Fauna Service facility in Nicosia before being returned to the AEEC.

Before its release, biometric measurements were taken, and a ring was attached to its leg so it could be monitored on its onward journey.

Dr Thomas Hadjikyriakou, the AEEC Manager, said: “Birds are regularly released in Akrotiri following treatment, and rings are attached to them, as well as transmitters to larger birds, to monitor their movements and assess their success back in nature.

“We are extremely grateful to the local community, which provides information and brings injured and exhausted birds to the AEEC for treatment and subsequent release.”

The Kingfisher, one of Cyprus’ most beautiful and colourful birds, is small with a bluish, greenish back and orange underparts.

It migrates through Cyprus during autumn, with several staying locally throughout the winter.

Regularly seen in coastal areas and wetlands, it catches its food –small fish – by diving into the water with its long bill.