Cyta boasts Europe’s fastest mobile internet network

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Cyprus Telecommunication Authority (Cyta) can boast it offers the fastest mobile internet in Europe, as Ookla awarded its Cytamobile-Vodafone network for a second year.

“The fastest mobile internet network in Europe” award was handed to Cyta as part of the Speedtest Awards™ organised by independent company Ookla, a world leader in internet testing and analysis.

The award was based on millions of measurements taken in real-world conditions, via the Speedtest app, from all European consumers, during Q2 and Q3 2022.

Cyta’s Speed ​​Score™ outperformed all European mobile networks.

“The second consecutive distinction from Ookla underlines the top quality and performance of Cyta’s mobile network, which results from consistently optimal design, development and configuration,” said Cyta.

Its mobile internet is ranked seven worldwide, with a speed of 159.2 Mbps, marking an improvement of 49.9% from an average of 53 Mbps in 2021.

Fixed broadband is ranked 66, with just 58 Mbps, an increase of 14.9% and 7.5 Mbps since 2021.

The world’s fastest network is in Singapore, with mobile speeds of up to 104 Mbps and broadband speeds of up to 261 Mbps.

“For the second year in a row, we are at the top of Europe, making Cyprus proud once more.

“Our successes are not accidental, nor the result of circumstances.

“Instead, it is the result of our hard work, consistency and persistence,” said CEO Andreas Neocleous.

Neocleous also announced that Cyta customers, apart from the fastest speeds in Europe, will soon enjoy upgraded experiences through new, innovative solutions.

He announced the launch of the My Cyta app, a new application for android and iOS offering personalised online services and access to an exclusive Reward Plan with gifts, discounts and “unique experiences”.

Cytavision content will also be available through an application on smart TV devices without needing a decoder.