MEPs urge EU to get Greek Cypriot ‘spy’ released

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Six Cypriot MEPs are urging EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell to intervene in releasing Andreas Soudjis, a Greek Cypriot detained in the Turkish-occupied north.

DISY MEP, Loucas Fourlas, said the six will act together and explore other options to pressure the EU to intervene on the matter for a “practical result as soon as possible.”

According to AKEL MEP, Niyazi Kizilyurek, the occupied north, is part of the EU, but the administration is subordinate to the Turkish armed forces.

“Turkey is responsible. This is why we are going to Borrell with this”, Kizilyurek told reporters.

Kizilyurek has communicated with Soudji’s lawyer.

He informed him that he was in good health, but no visitors were allowed except for his lawyer.

According to what was conveyed to Kiziljurek, the lawyer, Öncel Polili, complained that the police deliberately delayed the process.

The lawyer argues that Soudjis should have already been released with a small fine based on the evidence.

Soudjis, a pro-reunification activist, was arrested on 30 August.

He was charged with espionage after a walkie-talkie found in his hotel a map with some places marked and photographs, which, according to Kizilyurek, do not concern military areas.

In addition, two photos of a military area were also found.

Soudjis said he and his friends visited the north in two separate vehicles and used the walkie-talkies to communicate, not knowing that this is prohibited.

The points marked on the map are for a book a friend is writing, and they were visiting those places to take pictures.

Photos of the military area are from an event where Greek and Turkish Cypriots walked together from Dherynia to Famagusta, so they are unrelated.