Cypriot woman lands a smacker on the new King

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A woman who went viral for managing to land a kiss on the newly proclaimed King Charles III emerged as Cyprus-born UK Cypriot Janny Assiminios.

Janny – now world-famous — was identified by foreign media as the woman who leaned forward and kissed King Charles on the cheek during his first public appearance in London last week.

Thousands of people had gathered outside Buckingham Palace to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II, who died at the age of 96, with Assiminios – an admirer of the royal family – at the front of the crowd.

The bold Cypriot woman was caught on camera exchanging some words with the King of England before they both leaned forward to greet each other in a candid embrace outside Buckingham Palace.

The moment was captured on film and shared on Twitter by WPRI, going viral on all social media platforms.

The foreign press has sought the woman out, and Asiminios told CNN she had asked permission to kiss Charles III.

“I have seen him in front of me and said sorry you lost your mum.

“I couldn’t believe it, and I said, ‘may I kiss you?’ He said, ‘well, yes’, so I grabbed him,” she said.

When asked what it was like to kiss the King, she answered: “Oh, my God, I nearly fell. I am going to take that kiss forever.”

“I am very happy. Thank you, God, for letting me see him and kiss him.”

Assiminios said the King ‘looked sad’ and she ‘couldn’t believe’ he was right there in front of her.