Urgent blood donation appeal

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Head of the Blood Bank Androula Panayiotou has urged Cypriots to donate blood before they head off for their traditional long summer break to maintain quantities at a safe level.

She told the Cyprus News Agency that no life is in danger at the moment.

But she underlined that people coming forward to give blood these days is low, “therefore we need to keep the blood levels safe”.

According to the protocols, there needs to be 250-300 bottles of blood daily islandwide.

Panayiotou said that text messages are sent to donors, and personal phone calls are made to “ensure we keep the levels high”.

Blood donations are still being organised, and according to Panayiotou, donations will take place in mountainous areas to accommodate visitors, residents, and others on holiday there.

All blood stations will remain open daily except on August 15.

Donors can give blood 15 days after they have been infected with COVID.

Men can give blood every three months and women every four, given that they are all healthy.

Check-ups are done upon donation, and doctors are present at each station.