Health Minister seeks monkeypox vaccines

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Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela is in contact with his counterparts in neighbouring countries, asking them to supply Cyprus with vaccines for monkeypox.

Health Ministry advisοr Konstantinos Athanasiou said: “Since we have the first confirmed case, Cyprus is taking steps to speed up the process of receiving the vaccines.”

At the same time, the Minister of Health is asking neighbouring countries to supply Cyprus with a small number of vaccines, pending the arrival of 1,400 vaccine doses.

Cyprus has joined the mechanism of joint supply of medicines and vaccines for the disease, but the European Medicines Agency has not yet approved antiviral drugs.

Regarding the 40-year-old being treated with monkeypox at Nicosia General Hospital, Athanasiou said he’s in good health and receiving the best treatment available.

However, the patient’s mother told CyBC that his condition was worsening, while the only medical treatment he received was strong doses of antibiotics.

The patient and his mother urged for the arrival of vaccines and drugs for monkeypox in Cyprus as soon as possible.

“We do not accept any criticism that Cyprus did not act to safeguard vaccines and medicines, as no other country has vaccines and drugs at its disposal,” said Athanasiou.

He added that to avoid the virus spreading and prevention when someone develops symptoms of monkeypox, to contact their doctor to be given the necessary instructions immediately.