Cypriots want more police on the streets

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Cypriots want more policing around schools and city centres, despite an overall sense of security, according to a survey carried out.

Asked “which areas need more policing”, 74% answered around schools, 61% in urban areas and the city centre, 57% at entertainment spots, 54 % on roads, 48% the buffer zone and 44% in villages.

And 35% of people said they would like to see more police presence on beaches.

Some 78% of respondents felt quite or very safe in the area where they live, 15% were a little safe, and 7% declared not safe at all.

Men and younger people aged 18-24 felt more secure.

Asked, “what are the biggest problems in your area causing you insecurity” only 35% stated that they have a problem where they live.

Of those, 24% said the biggest problem was thefts and break-ins, 16% stated immigrants (mostly Paphos district), 13% nuisance, 8% dangerous driving, 6% vandalism/property damage, and 5% said drug trafficking.

Meanwhile, the police scored an overall 2.9 out of 5 satisfaction rating when people were asked to rate the force’s image.

The police scored the highest points for their overall image, followed by the courts and healthcare system with a score of 2.88, education with 2.79 and social services with 2.6.

Cyprus police also came first regarding public trust towards institutions, scoring 2.87.

Commenting on the survey’s findings, Police Chief Stelios Papatheodorou said the force is content with the score but will not exhibit complacency.

Papatheodorou said they remain faithfully committed to the four main pillars of their mandate, focussing on combating terrorism and radicalisation, tackling organised and serious crime, managing issues of irregular immigration, and improving the level of road safety.

The police chief said the force has the right to feel good about its achievements, as last year, officers solved 95.8% of the 861 drug cases they handled, arresting 825 people involved in the related crimes.

He said the force had confiscated 240 kilos of cannabis, 190 cannabis plants and 5 kilos of cocaine.

Insights Market Research of the University of Nicosia polled 1,000 from March to April.