Cyprus enters hot season, but no heatwaves

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Cyprus has officially entered its hottest part of the year as summer temperatures creep toward 40 degrees Celsius in the coming days, but no extreme heatwaves are expected as in previous years.

Following a warm weekend, temperatures will be rising, but according to weather observer Eric Kitas, temperatures will not exceed the normal 39°C for the period.

“So far, the weather has been kind to us as we can say that we have had a relatively mild summer, with no indications that this will be changing any time soon,” said Kitas.

“We have not had any days with temperatures reaching 40°C in June. In previous years, we had recorded more than a dozen in May and June,” he added.

“It will not be a surprise if we have temperatures of 40°C and slightly above that, but heatwaves are not on the menu in the foreseeable future.”

The weather observer explained that a heatwave means maximum temperatures would reach above 40°C for at least three successive days, or night temperatures would not drop below 25°C for two nights running.

As reported by the Met Office, Friday will be fine, but high clouds after midday may lead to isolated showers, mainly in the mountains.

Maximum temperatures will rise to 37°C inland, around 30°C on the coasts and 17°C in the mountains.

On Friday, night temperatures will drop to about 23°C inland and on the coasts and around 17°C in the mountains.

The forecast for the weekend is similar with mainly fine weather and increased clouds in the afternoon, mainly in the mountains.

Temperatures over the weekend will rise to 38°C, with the forecast for next week showing the warm weather will stabilize at the season average of 39°C.