Traditional finance ‘won’t exist’ without crypto

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Interest in cryptocurrency-related courses has surged amid the sector’s increasing popularity, according to the chief executive of a leading technology and digital finance education platform.

Danielius Stasiulis, co-founder and CEO of BitDegree, one of the leading EdTechs in Lithuania, said that interest in digital assets surged after the crypto community hit the milestone of 300 million users during the 2021 rally, culminating in assets like Bitcoin attaining a new all-time high.

In an interview with Finbold, BitDegree CEO Danielius Stasiulis noted that interest in cryptocurrency-related courses has surged amid the sector’s increasing popularity.

Stasiulis revealed in an interview with financial news platform Finbold that interest in the industry has also resulted in individuals aiming to learn more about products like non-fungible token individual digital assets (NFTs) and decentralised finance (DeFi), the Internet-based financial system.

Relationship with crypto

During the interview, Stasiulis explored how the traditional finance sector will integrate with the crypto space in future. He noted there is a co-existence between the two industries, but this will likely evolve and merge different aspects.

“There will be no traditional financial system without cryptocurrencies. Digital assets and cryptocurrencies are the inevitable next step in our financial systems,” said Stasiulis.

“However, if you remember, what Bitcoin aspired to do in their 2008 whitepaper was to remove the third party in value transfer operations and allow peer-to-peer trustless payments, and this is what we do today at Bitdegree’s own platform – we allow peer-to-peer scholarships, direct crypto payments for courses already omitting the traditional banking and credit card use in our day-to-day operations to some extent.”

Amid the ongoing crypto market volatility, he noted that the market conditions would not impact the sector’s future. He projected that large-scale adoption would likely occur partly powered by integration from leading social media platforms.

The Bitdegree executive cited elements such as Twitter’s utilisation of Bitcoin for tipping content creators.

By 2027, Stasiulis projects that the crypto sector will hit a milestone of one billion users, but stresses the need for the industry to become more user-friendly, secure and stable.