Man found dead who killed uncle in arson attack

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Police have found the body of a man suspected of entering a home in Limassol and pouring petrol over the furniture setting it on fire, killing one person –his 79-year-old uncle and injuring two more.

The suspect was found dead in a field around 1 km away from the crime scene, he had a gunshot wound to the head and a gun was lying beside him, police said.

Limassol police were alerted of the family tragedy after a man had set the house on fire while three people were inside, killing one and critically injuring another two women.

According to police, on Wednesday noon, a 59-year-old man entered his uncle’s house in Pyrgos Limassol, with a can of petrol and a hunting gun, and using torched a room in the house.

He then fled the scene.

The uncle died from his injuries, while his wife, 78 and her friend, 73, who happened to be visiting at the time, were taken to Nicosia General Hospital in a critical condition.

They are being treated for serious burn injuries.

A forensic examination is being conducted at the crime scene.

It emerged that the attacker had differences with his uncle that had caused tension in the family.