Three arrested for homophobic attack

Three men aged 26, 23 and 22 were arrested in connection with a homophobic attack during a discussion on sexual orientation organised by the Technological University student union guesting ACCEPT-LGBTI Cyprus. According

Syrian shot dead in central Nicosia

Police are investigating a murder case after a 21-year-old Syrian died after being shot in the capital Nicosia, officials said. The victim was named Alsweidani Ahmad, but police have yet to make

Brutal murder over €200 dispute

The brutal murder of 61-year-old Dorotheos Dimitriades by a group of people who beat him to death has shocked Cypriot society over its callousness. As it emerged, the man was killed after

Golden passport trial delayed until next year

Four accused of selling Cypriot passports to dubious investors for cash were called to plead the five charges against them before the Nicosia criminal court on Wednesday, with the process for three

Seven to stand trial for prison killing

Four inmates and three prison officers will stand trial for the murder of 41-year-old Turkish Cypriot Tansu Cidan, who was brutally beaten to death in his cell on October 27. The Nicosia

Cracks in the thin blue line

The police are in the spotlight again, with accusations of foul play in the investigation of recent murders, the lack of thorough work in earlier cases and a general absence of officers


Claims of conspiracy in Prisongate

Prisons governor Anna Aristotelous has accused investigators looking into inmates using drugs and mobile phones of colluding with police to fabricate testimonies against her. The accusations come under another wave of recent

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