AIDS charity concert at Kolossi

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The HIV-AIDS Support Centre (KYFA) is organising a fund-raising concert at Kolossi castle on Friday with a special performance by Limassol pianist Tatiana Stupak, ‘Music Through the Ages’.

The charity event will be held under the auspices of First Lady Andri Anastasiades, the Honorary President of KYFA.

Classical pianist Stupak has arranged a special musical programme for the open-air concert, where music meets history.

She has also recruited talented classical musicians from Cyprus, Russia, and Serbia to join her for this charity event.

The programme includes works by Shostakovich, John Williams, Astor Piazzolla, Tomaso Albinoni, Rachmaninov, Liszt, and Chopin.

The KYFA Support Centre for HIV-AIDS Sufferers, including children, was founded in December 2000 by a small group of people who recognised the need for support for people living with HIV/AIDS.

KYFA is a non-profit organisation on a volunteer basis.

It is the only agency in Cyprus solely dedicated to providing support, education, information and social services to people affected by HIV AIDS.

It is based in Limassol, within the old general hospital compound donated by the Ministry of Health.

The concert will start at 8 p.m. and last about 90 minutes; there will be no intervals.

Tickets are €30, including wine and finger food, from  www.tickethour.com.cy

For information call 99 140 240, 99 575074.