Cablenet adds more Plume for smart homes

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Leading independent telecoms provider Cablenet is extending its partnership with cloud-controlled smart home service provider Plume, adding security and AI-enabled services to its Purple Max internet bundle.

Aiming to make the subscriber’s experience as easy and seamless as possible, the Plume device for homes and small businesses offers “flawless whole-home WiFi that adapts to the unique needs of each device and every user, advanced home network security, WiFi presence detection, personalised parental controls and guest access management.”

Cablenet CEO Yiannos Michaelides said the cooperation with Plume dates back to 2019 and has continued to evolve since then.

He said that through the HomePass mobile app, users could access an array of new services, such as the ‘Guard’ AI-powered cybersecurity, virus and malware protection, and ad blocking; ‘Sense’ that converts connected devices to motion sensors throughout the home; ‘Adapt’ for fast and stable Internet everywhere; and, ‘Control’ for parental controls and guest access services.

On average, Michaelides said, Cablenet subscribers are connected to ten devices at home, from laptops and mobile phones to smart gadgets and appliances.

Plume, he said, helps balance the demands of each service, such as one person streaming an online movie, another on a zoom call to friends or colleagues, playing online games, etc.

The service costs €30 and comes with two pods to be positioned at different locations in the home.

Plume CEO Fahri Diner, who was in Cyprus to launch the new service, explained that Internet use has evolved from connectivity in the early 2000s to performance in the previous decade and the current need for personalisation.

He said new services in the pipeline, such as energy management, motion sensing, and generally “using technology to provide an awesome experience.”

Being an innovator in artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-based technologies, Diner said that Plume’s security relies on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud platform, while the rapidly growing need for high-speed connections has made fibre-optic cables “very important for all of us”.

He said the cable network is so great that any problem anywhere will see connections restored “within milliseconds”.