Investment funds rise to 273, total assets dip 0.55%

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Investment funds increased from 257 in December 2021 to 273 in March, but their total assets decreased by 0.55% to €8.692 bln in March, €8.740 bln.

According to the Investment Funds statistics from the Central Bank of Cyprus, deposits and loans of investment funds were €932.9 mln, from €753.6 mln in December 2021.

Their securities decreased from €893.3 mln in December to €664.5 mln in March.

Shares and other equity decreased in March to €6.488 bln, from €6.501 bln in December, while Non-financial assets (including fixed assets) increased from €341.9 mln to €353.8 mln.

In terms of the liabilities of the investment funds, loans decreased in March to €637.6 mln from €805.9 mln.

Shares of Investment Funds increased to €7.730.4 bln in March from €7.685 bln in December 2021.

Other liabilities (including financial derivatives) increased to €324 mln, from €248.8 mln in December.