COVID19: Cyprus to abolish Safe Pass for weddings

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The government is contemplating scrapping the Safe Pass requirement for all hospitality and entertainment venues, such as weddings, where it is still required.

In comments to reporters Monday, Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela said government experts would recommend abolishing the safe pass since the numbers of Covid infections and hospitalisations are decreasing daily.

Speaking on the sidelines of a visit to the Blood Dialysis Unit at Limassol General Hospital, the minister was asked to comment on the possible lifting of safe pass requirements for entertainment and other hospitality venues.

“I am waiting for the experts’ recommendations. Then, the proposal to the Cabinet to scrap the Safe Pass will depend on their proposals on how to move forward”, said Hadjipantela.

He said that any proposal made will be submitted before the Cabinet on Tuesday.

The Health Minister said that any easing of restrictions would only apply to wedding events and entertainment venues.

He added the Safe Pass requirement for high-risk areas, such as hospitals, institutions, and nursing homes, will remain in effect.

Hadjipantela noted that the epidemiological data in recent days is encouraging.

According to the Health Ministry’s latest weekly report, 3,444 new infections were reported, down from 3,786 cases.

Hospitalisations continued to drop from 89 to 60, critical cases decreased from 20 to 16, while intubated patients went from four to six.