COVID19: Pandemic entering different phase

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The coronavirus pandemic is not over but entering a new phase as it evolves, and society adapts to it, said government advisor on COVID-19, Dr Zoe-Dorothea Pana.

“Of course, we can not predict what will happen next,” the Lecturer in Paediatrics at the European University of Cyprus told CNA.

“However, due to seasonality, high immunity, experience and knowledge, we are in a much better position than we were in the previous two years”.

She pointed out that lifting coronavirus measures do not mean they are no longer important.

“On the contrary, it is important to take individual protection measures, and this applies especially to the high-risk groups, immuno-suppressed people and the elderly.”

The expert said the end of the pandemic could not be declared.

“It would be wise to say that we are proceeding step by step, as we said from the beginning of the pandemic.

“This current period we have entered is a different phase, but this does not mean it can not be overturned,” she pointed out.

“We hope and strive to return to normalcy…this does not imply that coronavirus can be eliminated.”

She pointed out that the European Commission advises states to coexist with the coronavirus safely by using the tools at their disposal and investing in health systems.

“We are constantly vigilant, and we monitor the situation to act in a timely and efficient manner in the future.”

Cyprus reported nine coronavirus deaths in the past week, raising the April death toll to 61, from 65 in March, as hospitalisations and new infections continued to recede.

This raised the death toll since the pandemic started in March 2020 to 1015 and total SARS-CoV2 infections to 480,220.