Meat, veg prices soar

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No end to hiking inflation is in sight as a slew of essentials items, including cooking oils, meat and vegetables, saw their prices skyrocket in recent days.

According to the latest monthly survey of the consumer protection service, the price of tomatoes increased by 60% (€2.89 per kilo), while the cost of meat has also increased significantly.

Most types of pork cuts went up by 13%, whole chickens increased by 16.5% and chicken breast by 12.4%.

The price of a three-litre brand of sunflower oil (Lesieur) was 19.6%, and another brand (Flora) increased by 7.5%, while the price of pasta has climbed up by anything from 6% to 14.2%.

Potatoes are up 18% per kilo to 96 cents compared to last month, with virgin olive oil costing up to 9.3% more.

Cucumbers are down by 27%, from €3.98 a kilo to €2.88.

The cost of various types of fish was volatile, with sea bream up eight per cent but bogue down by 18%.

The data was compiled by the consumer protection service and compares supermarket prices for average household goods from March 9 to April 13.