Free holidays for low-income pensioners

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This summer, low-income pensioners can enjoy a free stay at mountain resorts after the government has approved a new funded holiday scheme.

The subsidised scheme will run from June 1 to July 31 and September 1 to October 31, covering accommodation and full board at premises in the mountain resorts and the remote north-western area of Pyrgos Tyllyrias.

The expenditure for the participation of some 5,000 beneficiaries is estimated at €800,000.

The scheme covers a three-night stay, from Friday to Monday or Tuesday to Friday.

Eligible beneficiaries are low-income pensioners who receive what is known as the ‘small cheque’, low-income pensioners who receive the minimum guaranteed income, pensioners with an annual income of €15,500 (if living alone) or up to €20,000 for families.

Pensioners eligible for the scheme must be permanent residents on the island.

“The scheme aims to provide quality services to low-income pensioners but also to support the mountain resorts, which offer a significant number of jobs in rural areas, strengthen the tourism product of Cyprus during the winter months, thus help extend the tourist season,” said the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

Details regarding the application process will be announced by the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance at a later stage.