COVID19: Cyprus revises death toll upward to 841

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The Health Ministry on Friday updated its data on deaths from COVID-19, reporting an additional seven deaths over the past year, which raised the total since March 2020 to 841 from 834.

The seven additional deaths confirmed were five men and seven women, aged between 62 to 86.

The deaths occurred between 4 March 2021 and 12 August 2021.

This is the fourth time in as many weeks the Health Ministry has revised the number of deaths, adding more people to the list of those who lost their lives to COVID-19 over a year ago.

The ministry said it had revised the death toll after reviewing and updating its logs on COVID-19 deaths and cases reported.

The Health Ministry said it updates its database regularly to deliver more accurate epidemiological surveillance data.

It declined to comment on why it has taken over a year to find people who died from COVID-19.

From the pandemic death total of 841, over 62% (522) were men and 319 women.