Justice Minister – Signing of an MoU between Cyprus-UK on LGBTI+ rights Presidential Palace, Cyprus

Cyprus, UK fight LGBTI+ prejudice

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Cyprus and the UK join forces to clamp down on discrimination based on sexual orientation in signing a Memorandum of Understanding on Protection and Promotion of the rights of LGBTI+ people in Europe and the Commonwealth.

The MoU was signed Tuesday by Justice Minister Stephie Dracos and the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Minister Amanda Milling MP during a virtual ceremony.

The agreement outlines steps taken by the two countries to promote and build an inclusive society where LGBTI+ people have the same opportunities and enjoy equal rights without any form of discrimination.

It further sets specific outputs for closer cooperation of the two countries within the European Governmental LGBTI+ Focal Points Network and the Equal Rights Coalition.

And closer cooperation to promote LGBTI+ rights in the Commonwealth and actions to encourage the benefits of diversity and equality in the workplace.

The governments of Cyprus and the United Kingdom are currently co-chairs of the Council of Europe’s European Governmental LGBTI+ Focal Points Network.

Dracos said that the memorandum was proof the two countries strongly support all policies and actions against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

“Though we have made much progress regarding LGBTI+ rights, we acknowledge there is more work to be done.

“What we need is not necessarily more laws, but a culture change which can be achieved through efforts and actions for raising awareness in order to build a more diverse, inclusive and respectful society.”

Milling said she was delighted to sign the memorandum, which cements the productive partnership between the UK and Cyprus on LGBT+ rights.

“We are proud to work with our long-standing friend and partner, bilaterally as well as through organisations like the Commonwealth, to promote our shared values and learn from one another.”