Oryzon venture partner, Dr Abdalla Kablan, an award-winning serial tech entrepreneur, investor and academic

Trillions to be unlocked by blockchain’s capital revolution

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Tens of trillions of dollars in private assets are to be unlocked in the next decade as in-the-know investors pile into a radical technology revolution driven by blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT).

This is to be achieved through the ground-breaking concept of “tokenisation of investments”, according to Nigel Green, CEO of deVere Group, a leading financial advisory and fintech, which has partnered with venture capital fund Oryzon that invests in cutting edge technologies.

“We’re at a tipping point,” explained Oryzon venture partner, Dr Abdalla Kablan, an award-winning serial tech entrepreneur, investor and academic.

“Soon, blockchain will develop much more sophisticated architectures, decentralised ledger technologies that will not only allow for storage but the processing too.

“IoT devices will collect data and will exhibit intelligent behaviour. In turn, this will enhance the capabilities of data acquisition, administration and processing beyond what we currently have, meaning that AI systems are going to improve to an unimaginable level,” added Kablan.

“This convergence will disrupt all industries from financial services to healthcare, real estate, biotech and education, amongst many others.”

DeVere’s Green said that investors will not want to miss out on the potentially enormous rewards from a once-in-a generation technology revolution.

“This is why we created this new fund, which is run by a team of some of the most renowned names in technology and finance. Together we identify opportunities by analysing trends, predicting the right winners, and investing in them.”

Trillions locked

He added that there are hundreds of trillions of dollars in private assets that are locked into companies awaiting their ‘big break’ or IPO.

“This has made these opportunities highly illiquid and only available to an exclusive club of ultra-high net worth investors who can wait to reap the highest returns,” said Green.

“However, blockchain technology allows us to now digitalise value through tokenisation, solving this problem of liquidity. Therefore, investors can enter and exit their VC investments whenever they want, and this will unlock tens of trillions of dollars.”

When investing with Oryzon, the investors also buy a token (Oryzon Token or ORX) that is representative of their investment in the Oryzon Fund.

This approach means that venture capital investors can cash out on – or double down – on their investment immediately by selling their Oryzon Token on the Oryzon Token Marketplace.

“This is a moment of critical mass in terms of these truly ground-breaking technologies, explained Kablan.

“The radical tech shake-up that’s on the cusp of dominating almost all sectors will change how business is done forever.”

DeVere’s Green added that this gives investors “unprecedented opportunities, especially as tokenisation allows us to solve the illiquidity challenge traditionally associated with this type of investment.

“Experienced investors will know that the coming together of blockchain and artificial intelligence is an inflection point in history.”