Cyprus implicated in Greek sex trafficking ring

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Activist Ilias Gkionis, claiming to have evidence implicating Cyprus in an alleged human trafficking ring active in Greece, has sent a 47-page document to police.

A police official confirmed to the Financial Mirror the activist sent a file containing what he believes to be evidence implicating influential Cypriot businesspeople in a network that lures women into sex trafficking.

Cyprus’ alleged links emerged following the rape of a 24-year-old woman who was allegedly drugged and raped at a Thessalonica hotel on New Year’s Eve.

Gkionis blew the whistle, directing Greek authorities to the case in which the woman had accused a businessman with links to a wealthy Greek Cypriot family.

He implicates the island and wealthy Cypriot businessmen with “mafia connections” that groom mostly foreign women through social media and send them to Greece to participate in parties.

Gkionis said he took his time sending the evidence after being warned that the people he was naming have the “police in their pocket”.

He tweeted last week: “The authorities from Cyprus approached me to send a letter with all the information I have regarding Cyprus’ involvement in the circuit…

“Luckily, a friend sent an e-mail to me and my lawyer warning me these people have their people everywhere. I have information that confirms it”.

He said the Greek sex trafficking circuit has strong ties with Cyprus.

“There is a well-known person in Cyprus from an established Cypriot family going back several generations.

“This person is involved with the mafia. From drugs to human trafficking that promises visas to individuals,” he tweeted.

The 24-year-old was at a club in Thessaloniki on New Year’s Eve when she was approached by the owner of the club, who told her it was about to close at 2 am due to coronavirus restrictions.

He told her that a group of some 25 people would be heading to a hotel where they would continue partying.

Allegedly at the after-party, one of the guests had spiked her drink to be raped by a well-known businessman.

Gkionis claims the Greek circuit comprises businessmen, athletes, and other celebrities who gained fame through reality shows who look for potential victims on social media.

“Once they spot the women they fancy, they send them invites to parties, putting in motion their plans.”