€1.5 mln for new dog shelters

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Animal welfare organisations have welcomed the government decision to approve a special €1.5 mln plan to support local authorities in building shelters for stray dogs.

In comments to the Financial Mirror, a Cyprus Voice for Animals (CVA) representative, a federation of animal welfare organisations, said it is pleasing to see the government stepping in.

“We have been trying to convince the state for years now that municipalities need to create appropriate facilities for the temporary care of stray dogs which can offer decent living conditions,” said CVA’s Dinos Agiomamitis.

He said that only Nicosia Municipality currently could boast of having a decent dog shelter up and running.

The government plan aims at providing financial support for collaboration between local authorities under the requirements of animal protection and welfare regulations.

The plan’s total cost is €1.5m spread over three years, 2022-2024.

Announcing the decision on Wednesday, the Cabinet said the operation of these facilities would focus on efforts for the adoption of stray dogs.

District administrations will be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the projects led by local authorities.

Veterinary services will be responsible for approving the specifications of the sites, ensuring that the requirements for the welfare legislation are met.

Extra shelters would help manage the growing number of stray dogs without homes.

It is estimated there are more than 200,000 stray dogs. Of the abandoned dogs, 90% are categorised as hunting breeds. However, some of them get rescued and find homes.