Cyprus shivers under cold front

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Nicosia could see rare snowfall on Wednesday evening, as the island braces for the coldest winter night with freezing temperatures.

According to weather observer Eric Kitas of KitasWeather, there is a 90% chance the island’s capital will see snow flurries with a light dusting of snow in low lying areas surrounding the capital.

However, it is not expected to settle.

“An extremely cold front from the north with wind activity is affecting Cyprus, peaking on Wednesday night, which is expected to be the coldest yet this winter,” Kitas told the Financial Mirror.

The main feature of the weather in the coming days is very low temperatures with extensive snowfall in the mountains and snowflakes inland.

The weather observer said that temperatures in Nicosia would drop to -2°C and -12°C in the Troodos mountains.

The coast will be slightly warmer, with temperatures dropping to around 2°C.

Kitas said the unusually cold weather is here to stay, with temperatures well under the seasonal average of 15°C.

“What we are experiencing is not a cold snap with temperatures returning to normal or higher than usual.

“Temperatures will recover from Thursday and Friday but remain well under the average for the season.”

On Wednesday, maximum temperatures will not exceed 9-10°C and freezing conditions at night.

On Thursday, it will still feel cold at around 12 degrees Celsius; inland night temperatures will be below 0, while in Troodos minimum temperature will be around -11.

“Following some improvement on Friday, the island will be hit by another low-pressure system from the north, which will be bringing more rain and snow.”

Larnaca district villages like Vavatsinia also witnessed their first snow on Wednesday.

Cyprus Police announced on Wednesday that roads leading to the mountains are closed due to heavy snowfall.

Apart from the roads leading to Troodos, police warned motorists that only four-wheel-drive or vehicles equipped with snow chains were allowed Klirou-FIkardou, Kalo Chorio-Gouri, Pedoula-Kykko-Kambo and Orkonta-Kambo.

Roads closed to all vehicles include Palechori-Agros, Aska-Fterikoudi, Farmaka-Apliki, Lagoudera to Xyliatou, Saranti, Polystypou and Chandria, Gouri-Machera, Kakopetrias-Karvounas, Pedoula-Prodromou, Pedoula-Pine Wood and Kakopetria-Spilia-Kannavia.

The police also warned that rockfalls were recorded in Gerasas-Kalo Chorio while Pedoula-Kykkou-Kambou and Orkonta-Kambou roads are also dangerous due to landslides.

Snow at Troodos Square reached 28 centimetres on Wednesday; more than 19cm of fresh snow has fallen since Tuesday. Snow in the Mount Olympos area was much higher.