COVID19: Record nine children hospitalised

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A record nine kids, mostly under five, are receiving treatment for COVID at the Makarios Children’s Hospital, the highest number of hospitalisations since the pandemic broke out.

The Head of the hospital’s Paediatric Ward, Dr Avraam Elia, called on parents to vaccinate their children.

He told the Cyprus News Agency the age of the children receiving treatment ranges from one month to ten years old, and eight are under five.

He said they were not in danger, and the major symptom they have is a fever.

Dr Elia said there is concern over the spread of the virus in the community, which leads to kids becoming infected, and those who are unvaccinated are the most vulnerable.

Occupancy is 90%, but if there is a need for more COVID admissions, all children will get treated at Makarios Hospital.

“All parents should get their children inoculated because, without the vaccine, we run the risk of infection and also of disrupting the operation of schools.

“If necessary, schools should remain closed for a short period and not for prolonged periods.”

Dr Elia also said he does not favour a lockdown, but everyone should assume their responsibilities.

He said most Cypriots have shown a responsible stance and behaviour and got vaccinated; they should not pay for the “irresponsible stance” of the few.

ICU beds

Six beds will be immediately available in the Intensive Care Unit at the Larnaca General Hospital. If necessary, another six will be made available, Minister of Health Michael Hadjipandelas said on Monday.

“In the first phase, six ICU beds will be created at the Larnaca General Hospital, which the system so desperately needs, and then we will be able to make available six more, if necessary.”

Referring to the surge in cases attributed to Omicron, the minister said that this was a problem observed in Cyprus and worldwide.

“With good cooperation with all stakeholders, any problem will be solved for the benefit of the patients.”

He said more ventilators would arrive next week from Germany for the new ICU at Larnaca General Hospital.

“The ministry’s goal is for the Larnaca district to have the Intensive Care Unit it deserves.”