Crime scene of shooting on Tuzhane street, Larnaca

Police probe Larnaca gangland murder

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Cyprus police are investigating what is believed to be a gang-related murder of a 53-year-old man who was gunned down outside his Larnaca home on Tuesday night.

The victim, identified as Andreas Evangelou, was shot by hitmen while parking his car on the ground floor of a Larnaca apartment building, where he lived at Mackenzie.

Evangelou was shot multiple times by a gunman who arrived on a moped with a second individual.

The killing is believed to be related to organised crime, as the victim was the father of a witness in a big drug case.

His son had testified in a major drug-related case just ten days before the murder.

He was also the father-in-law of Marios Georgiou, aka Mariouthkias, 34, who was gunned down in his new Lamborghini last April in the Meneou-Kiti area.

Mariouthkias was involved in a drug case in 2020, for which he had been sent to jail for two years before he turned state’s witness and was released in March.

According to police sources, officers patrolled the victim’s residence for some time.

Crime scene officers have collected evidence from the site while Evangelou’s car was taken to the police lab for forensic examination.

Police spokesperson Christos Andreou said footage from security cameras showed two perpetrators on a moped following Evangelou’s car shortly before the shooting.

Andreou added that a number of shell casings have been collected but declined to give further details.

Investigators are interviewing people connected to the victim who had never been in trouble with the police.