Rain, light snow for New Year

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Cyprus will be welcoming the New Year with rain and some light snow on the island’s high mountains, with low temperatures offering Cypriots the chance for a snowy escape during the first days of 2022.

Weather predictions issued until Sunday estimate the island is in for some cold weather, ranging from light rain to thunderstorms and snow flurries.

On Wednesday, maximum temperatures will reach 17 degrees Celsius inland, 18°C on the coasts and 11°C in the highest mountains.

Thursday will be colder, with a high possibility of rain inland and light snow in the mountains.

However, higher than usual temperatures will not allow any snowfall to settle.

Maximum temperatures are expected to rise 15°C inland, 16°C on the coasts and 9°C on the highest mountains.

New Year’s Day will bring local showers, but temperatures are expected to rise significantly to a maximum of 18°C inland, 19°C on the coast.

Temperatures in the mountains will rise to 9°C.

However, on Sunday, temperatures will drop by some 4 degrees, at around 14°C inland, and 16°C on the coasts.

The mountains will see some snowfall, with lower temperatures of a maximum of 9°C and a low of 2°C, allowing for snow to settle.

The height of snow at Troodos square on Tuesday was 18 centimetres.