Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos

First phase of electric car scheme on Monday

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The first phase of a ‘generous’ incentive scheme worth €30 mln to convince motorists to go electric comes into play on Monday, the Transport Ministry said.

Authorities are launching what they term an ‘attractive’ €10,000 incentive package to encourage motorists to scrap their old petrol cars for a new, environmentally-friendly electric one.

Of the initial amount, some €8 mln is being made available for people wanting to buy an electric vehicle.

The promotion of electric car use in Cyprus includes 14 categories from €1,000 to €100,000 and in the first phase is expected to satisfy 1,375 applications.

A grant of €9,000 will be provided to buy a new electric vehicle and €4,000 for the purchase of a used car.

Those buying a brand new electric car will be eligible for an additional €1,000 grant if they scrap a car which is over 12 years. It means they could benefit from a €10,000 grant.

Grants for purchasing an electric vehicle with the right of withdrawal will be given for other categories of vehicles.


Electric taxi cabs

Taxi drivers who wish to replace their cab with an electric vehicle will be given €19,000 for a new one and €12,000 for a used one.

The budget foresees 24 applications for a new electric taxi and 25 for used ones.

In addition, 13 grants of €11,000 each will be given for a new electric car designed for people with mobility problems or a large family car.

Some 25 grants of €7,000 each will be available for the purchase of used vehicles.

People interested can apply online at The ministry will be following a first come, first served principle.

Both individuals and professionals, as well as legal entities are potential beneficiaries of the scheme.

The plan also provides: €100,000 for the purchase of a new electric minibus, €40,000 for a smaller new electric minibus, €20,000 for a new electric commercial vehicle, as well as €1,500 for a new electric bicycle or four-wheeled micro-car, or moped, or tricycle, or motorcycle or light four-wheeled vehicle.

In the case of both the purchase of a new and a used electric vehicle, the applicant may scrap a vehicle older than 12 years, earning them an additional grant of €1,000.

Following their application, beneficiaries will have two months to present proof of either purchasing an electric vehicle or ordering one from a dealership. Grants are awarded with the vehicle’s registration.