Government unveils €196 mln relief package

The government unveiled a comprehensive €196 mln package of measures, including fuel subsidies, to alleviate the financial burdens of the rising cost of living. The 17-measure package, including the reinstatement of an

Cyprus should copy France’s SMEs subsidy

Commissioner for State Aid Control Stella Michaelidou suggested Cyprus could adopt the French subsidy scheme for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) impacted by the Ukraine war the European Commission approved. In her


Calls for electricity subsidy return

Scorching temperatures prevailing over Cyprus are testing the island’s power production capacity, feeding growing calls for the government to rethink its decision to scrap an electricity bill subsidy. With air-conditioning units working


Fuel tax subsidy halved from May

The government has decided to continue subsidising fuel prices at the pumps by extending a reduction on consumption tax for another two months. The Finance Ministry announced on Wednesday that the government


Rush for electric vehicle subsidy

Authorities were flooded with nearly 1,000 applications within 24 hours of the second phase of a €30 mln incentive scheme to encourage motorists to go electric went live. The Transport Ministry said

Subsidy scheme for electric bikes

Cyprus Transport Ministry will launch a subsidy scheme for electric bicycles as part of the government’s urban mobility scheme to encourage the public to opt for greener and more sustainable means of