Cyprus seeks access to innovative medicines

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Health Minister Michael Hadjipantelas stressed the need to secure accessibility and availability of medical devices and medicines for all EU states during a discussion on the European Health Union in Brussels.

Hadjipantelas pointed out that small member states such as Cyprus face real difficulties in securing innovative medicines. They are often forced to buy them at a much higher price.

He called on the Commission to take initiatives, building on its action to implement the pharmaceutical strategy and experience gained from the pandemic management.

Regarding the course of the pandemic, health ministers exchanged views on the coordination of measures in the light of the emergence of the Omicron variant.

Hadjipantelas argued the need to adopt a common approach on travel restrictions and measures that can be taken to limit the increase in cases.

He also referred to the new treatments against COVID-19, noting that Cyprus has already registered to participate in securing treatments through the joint procurement process.

Health ministers exchanged views on the proposal for a regulation establishing a framework for action to ensure the supply of medical countermeasures necessary to respond to health crises at the European level.

They agreed on equal access to medicines and medical devices for all Member States, as was the case for vaccines against the coronavirus pandemic.