Five released after basketball player assault

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Five men arrested in Nicosia in connection with the brutal beating of an American basketball player have been released without charge, police said.

The men were arrested in connection with the attempted murder of Corey Manigault, 23, a basketball player for AEL Limassol.

Manigault is in hospital with a brain haemorrhage and hematoma following serious injuries he sustained during a violent assault outside a Nicosia nightclub in the early hours of 21 November.

Cyprus Police justified the release of the five men due to a lack of evidence, claiming that video footage showed the men engage with the basketball player inside the nightclub.

Still, there is no footage or witness that proves the men had delivered the blows to Manigault’s head.

The police assured that they were continuing their investigation.

On Sunday, Manigault was taken off a ventilator at Nicosia General Hospital ICU after being on one for a week.

Meanwhile, Manigault’s mother has flown over from the US and is by his side, while the US embassy closely monitors the situation.

Manigault’s girlfriend and his teammate Brandon Averette were also injured in the incident.

They suffered cuts and abrasions but have no serious injuries.

Police believe the AEL basketball star, 2.06 metres tall, was attacked by a group of people at around 5 am.

The first arrest of a 46-year-old man believed to be a bouncer at the club was on the possible charge of attempted murder.

The motive for the violent attack remains unclear.