Police fear for missing Russian women

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Cyprus police are treating the disappearance of two Russian women, 33 and 43, as suspicious, while a Syrian suspect is in custody.

Investigators said the Syrian suspect had access to a holiday home outside Limassol, where bloodstains were discovered, later proven to be from one of the missing women, with police treating it as a possible double murder case.

Suspicions grew after bloodstains were also found on an excavating vehicle on the premises.

Police are combing the area around the house; with speculation, they are looking for the bodies of the two women.

The two women residing in Larnaca were reported missing 12 days ago; a man has been remanded in police custody in connection with their disappearance.

Alraeesi Khaiat, 43 and Mariia Gazibagandova, 33, were reported missing to the police on 17 November.

They arrived in Cyprus as tourists at different times in the past several months.

Police had acted in secrecy, arresting the 32-year-0ld earlier last week, and presenting him before a judge on Saturday, without announcing the arrest.

When contacted by the Financial Mirror, police declined to comment on the case.

Police arrested the man after an anonymous tip given by a concerned citizen, who reportedly saw the two women driven to the holiday home where the suspect worked.

The suspect reportedly admitted to taking the two women to the holiday home where they spent the night, an allegation being investigated.

The investigations continued on Saturday, with specialists locating traces of blood in various parts of the premises.

Samples were taken, and the results confirmed officers’ fears, as the blood matches the genetic material of one of the missing women.

Investigations are ongoing, with the Larnaca CID talking to the women’s relatives and friends while also going through their phone data.