COVID19: Turkish Cypriots tackle virus resurgence

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Turkish Cypriot health authorities face a new surge of COVID-19 infections, reporting a daily record of 220 cases on Tuesday night.

It is the third time in four days that authorities in the Turkish occupied north have reported record-breaking numbers, as Monday brought 211 cases, while another 197 were reported on Saturday.

Before the recent avalanche of cases, the previous record stood at 188, twice in August, which was the worst month on record so far.

Turkish Cypriot authorities had reported a record 4,869 for August, powered by the more aggressive Delta variant.

Turkish Cypriot authorities have reported 2,325 cases up to mid-November, putting them on track for a new record.

The total of COVID-19 infections reported in the Turkish occupied north has risen to 24,951 and 93 deaths.

Last week, health authorities reported the death of an 8-year-old girl, the youngest person to lose their life to COVID-19 on the divided island.

According to reports, the vaccination rate in the north is similar to the one in the Republic, with over 80% of adults double vaccinated.

Meanwhile, health authorities in the Republic confirmed another 386 new COVID-19 cases – the highest level since 19 August.

Despite daily cases in the Republic dropping from four digits since July, a resurgence of the virus in recent weeks is putting the health system under strain.

The total number of infections in the Republic since March 2020 is 128,424 and 588 deaths.

Divided Cyprus has confirmed a combined 153,375 cases and 685 COVID deaths.