Annual car sales drop 6%

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Vehicle registrations declined 6% in the first ten months of 2021, but bikes and mopeds recorded significant increases, data released by the Cyprus Statistical Service (CyStat) show.

In October alone, the total registration of motor vehicles was 2,646, recording a decrease of 16.6% compared to October 2020.

Meanwhile, passenger saloon cars registered a fall of 21.1% to 2,005.

The total registrations of motor vehicles decreased by 6% to 30,345 in January-October from 32,277 in January-October 2020.

Cars have only been in positive territory for two months (March and April) out of ten.

Passenger saloon cars decreased to 23,341 from 24,987 last year, recording a 10-month fall of 6.6%.

From this total of passenger saloon cars, 9,390 or 40.2% were new, and the majority, 13,951 or 59.8%, were used cars.

Coaches and buses registered in January-October 2021 fell to 48, from 280 in the same period of 2020.

Goods conveyance vehicles decreased by 13.7% to 3,440 in January-October 2021, compared to 3,986 in 2020.

Light goods vehicles decreased by 17.4% to 2,593 and heavy goods vehicles by 14.0% to 399, while road tractors (units of trailers) increased by 8.2% to 159 and rental vehicles by 22.5% to 289.

Mopeds under 50cc increased 38.2% to 228 in January-October 2021, from 165 last year.

Motorbikes over 50cc increased to 2,941 from 2,502 in January-October 2020, recording an increase of 17.5%.