Car sales plunge 80% since 2019

Car dealers are frustrated with their turnover as they are forced to sit back helpless and watch the market crumble. According to the Cyprus Statistical Services data, passenger saloon cars registered in

January car sales plunge 21%

Motor vehicle sales began the new year with a sharp annual decline as total registrations in January dipped 23.3% to 2,633, the Cyprus Statistical Service said. Passenger saloon cars, which represent the

Only 39.8% of 2021 car sales were new

Vehicle registrations dipped by an annual 11.8% in 2021 to 34,716 from 39,367 the year before, and under 40% of saloon cars sold were new. According to the Statistical Service (CyStat), the

Beware of sales scams

Authorities urge consumers to be aware of potential discount scams during the winter sales season. Consumer protection services and watchdog organisations have warned that “loopholes” in legislation leaves room for price manipulation.

Property sales jump 25%

Real estate sales increased by 25% in the 11 months to November, compared to the same period of 2020, with Nicosia transactions exceeding pre-coronavirus levels. Compared to the first 11 months of

Annual car sales drop 6%

Vehicle registrations declined 6% in the first ten months of 2021, but bikes and mopeds recorded significant increases, data released by the Cyprus Statistical Service (CyStat) show. In October alone, the total


Car sales slump 19.6% in September

In September, annual car sales plunged 19.6%, while vehicle registrations were also down by nearly 5% for the first nine months of the year. Last month, total registrations of motor vehicles were

Car sales remain fragile

The total registrations of motor vehicles increased by 1.5% to 22,074 from January to July, up from 21,752 in the same period last year, the Cyprus Statistical Service said. Passenger saloon car

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