COVID19: Businesses must scan Safe Pass

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From Monday, businesses are obliged to verify their clients’ Safe Pass validity using an application designed by the Deputy Ministry of Innovation, called CovScan.

The cabinet-approved decision is perceived as a move to clamp down on people carrying a fake Safe Pass for work or leisure.

As explained by a Health Ministry official, CovScan is an application for Android phones and can be found on Google Play Store.

“The person in charge at the establishment for checking people’s Safe Pass will have to download this application.

“Then they will use it to scan a Safe Pass with the phone’s camera; if a green or yellow background appears, then they’re good to go,” said the official.

Therefore, owners/ managers or authorised employees where presenting a Safe Pass is required, need, by November 8, to get the app to carry out the checks.

The application will work with a traffic light system.

Green: This is valid, and it means the holder has completed their vaccination regimen or has recovered from COVID-19.

Yellow / Orange: The certificate is valid and means the holder has undergone PCR or rapid test with a negative result.

Red: The certificate is invalid.

The Health Ministry said the application was designed to comply with private data protection legislation and display only the holder’s name and date of birth.

Data will not be stored on devices used by establishments to verify a Safe Pass.