COVID19: Increase in vaccinated needing hospitalisation expected

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An increase in the number of fully vaccinated patients in hospitals for COVID-19 was expected as most people in Cyprus have been jabbed, argue scientists.

During an online chat, where the public can question scientists advising the state on handling COVID-19, Dr Constantinos Tsioutis said as the percentage of vaccinated people grows, the higher the chance of a positive case being fully jabbed.

Tsioutis, heading the team of scientists advising the government, said it is also expected that a small percentage of vaccinated people coming down with the virus will need hospitalisation.

“Some of these people could also lose their lives.”

He explained that the vaccines do not offer full immunity; they do not prevent infection by 100%.

“Vaccines reduce the chance of a vaccinated person being infected with the virus.

“There is also the possibility that these people’s immune system does not respond quickly or adequately, thus causing serious illness.

“That is why we are saying that vaccines provide 90% protection against serious disease, but it is still not 100%.

“On the other hand, since the virus is still circulating within the community and we are not limiting our contacts, inevitably there will be vaccinated people amongst those exposed to the virus.”

Dr Tsioutis said it had been recorded that as the percentage of vaccinated people rises, so does the rate of vaccinated people who need hospitalisation.

“Consider the extreme scenario where we are all vaccinated.

“Since the vaccine does not completely block the transmission, 100% of cases and 100% of patients will be vaccinated.

“However, we expect the absolute number of patients will be much less than if they were all unvaccinated.”

Some 81.4% of Cyprus’ adult population has received a COVID-19 vaccine, while 78.9% are fully vaccinated.

And 62% of patients in hospital do not have a history of vaccination, a drop from 84% a month ago.