Urgent call for blood donors

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On Wednesday, the Health Ministry issued an urgent plea to the public for blood donations, as reserves run very low.

According to the Health Ministry, the scarcity in blood supply is largely due to the large number of routine surgeries postponed during COVID-19 but now being carried out.

According to the Blood Bank, the blood supply reserves of all types are now at extremely low levels.

The ministry said it was launching a major campaign to meet increased needs, with the ultimate goal of ensuring sufficient quantities of blood products that meet the required quality and safety criteria.

“Meeting the transfusion needs of all patients is a challenge for all of us,” said the ministry.

It is carrying out large scale campaigns at schools and army camps, hoping to encourage more volunteers to boost blood supplies.

Cyprus ranks first in the percentage of blood donors and blood donation units worldwide, as one in ten Cypriots is a regular giver.

Thousands of Cypriots who give blood regularly make up for 9% of the population.

Blood transfusions save millions of lives and improve many patients’ health and quality of life.