Cyprus to experience cooler weather

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Cyprus will cool off over the next few days, as maximum temperatures drop from 37 degrees Celsius to 30°C by Friday.

The Mediterranean island is in for a sudden dip in temperature, as cool winds from the west will be displacing a warm weather system affecting the region since the weekend.

Weather observers are not advising Cypriots to start bringing out their winter clothes as warmer days are ahead despite a six-degree drop in temperature.

“Although nights will no longer be warm, with night-time temperatures dipping significantly, Cyprus is in for quite a few more warm days.

“Hotter than usual days are to be expected, as it is not uncommon during transitional seasons to witness days with significantly higher or lower temperatures compared to the season’s average,” said Eric Kitas of KitasWeather.

The average seasonal temperatures inland are 32°C, temperatures this week peaked at 37°C.

“Only to climb slightly above average temperatures early next week”.

On Wednesday, the weather will be mostly clear, with temperatures rising to around 36°C inland, 31°C on the coast and around 28°C in the higher mountains with isolated showers.

Night temperatures will drop to around 18°C inland, 23°C on the coast and around 13°C in the higher mountains.

Thursday will be mostly fine with temperatures dropping slightly, with local showers.

Friday temperatures will rise to 30°C inland, 28°C on the coasts and 22°C in the mountains.

Cyprus has witnessed an unusually hot summer.

August was the warmest month in Cyprus since temperatures were recorded in 1983, with the island sweltering under prolonged heatwaves blamed on global warming.

According to the Met Office, maximum temperatures above 40°C became routine during August.

In August, the average daily highest temperature was estimated at 39.8°C, making it the hottest month ever recorded.

It beat the previous record of July 2020, when the average daily temperature was a sweltering 39.7°C.