FIFPRO Europe Congress kicks-off in Limassol

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Football Players Association (FIFPRO) Europe Congress is underway in Limassol, with professional footballers discussing the game’s future challenges, particularly amid the Covid pandemic.

The agenda of the first conference with the physical presence of European Footballers Associations since the pandemic include the protection of players health, equal rights for female footballers and regulation governing transfers.

FIFPRO Secretary-General Jonas Baer-Hoffmann said many issues were facing the Association in the next four years, noting that football is going through a period with many pending issues that should be addressed.

Spyros Neofytides, the Cyprus Footballers Association (PASP) executive chairman, welcomed over 100 participants.

He is seeking re-election as Vice President of the board of FIFRRO Europe.

“The Covid pandemic has tested the football establishment as never before with footballers and football clubs on the front line,” he said.

The Cyprus association has invested in training and research and dealt with issues such as the pandemic, maternity leave, mental health, concussion regulations, heat strain and match-fixing.

The Congress’ deliberations will wrap up Wednesday with UEFA and European Clubs Association (ECA) representatives.

FIFPRO defends the rights and interests of 65,000 players via a network of 64 national associations.