August the hottest month on record

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This August was the warmest month in Cyprus since temperatures were recorded, with the island sweltering under prolonged heatwaves blamed on global warming.

According to an announcement, maximum temperatures above 40°C became routine during August.

The average daily highest temperature in August 2021 was estimated at 39.8°C, making it the hottest month ever recorded.

It beat the previous record of July 2020, when the average daily temperature was a sweltering 39.7°C.

This July was the third hottest month on record, as a prolonged heatwave pushed average temperatures to 39.5°C.

It is the sixth consecutive year that July’s average daily maximum temperature was above the seasonal norm.

August was also scorching hot.

On 4 August, temperatures soared to 44.3°C in Nicosia, short of the record of 46.2°C registered on 4 September last year.

The average daily maximum temperature for the thirty years 1981-2010 for August is 37°C.