Turtles hatch, thrilling beachgoers in sea escape

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Caretta caretta turtles that hatched at Kiti’s Parasolia beach in Larnaca thrilled beachgoers as the baby turtles made a run for the water to start their new lives at sea.

Fisheries Department officials visited where they located 26 nests.

The department told CNA the first batch of eggs were spotted on May 19 and the last on 30 July.

The eggs started hatching on 24 June for a seven-week period.

Officials uncovered the nests after the seven weeks to see how many had hatched.

Each loggerhead turtle can lay around 80 eggs in a single nest.

When the baby turtles emerge from their nests, they hurriedly move to the water to begin their life journey.

They head to the water at night as it is the brightest point on the horizon.

Artificial lighting can distract the turtles, making them go towards the fake light.

For this reason, the fisheries department urged people who live near the water where Caretta caretta hatch to maintain low lighting around this period to help the baby loggerhead turtles reach their destination.

The Fisheries Department urges the public to take extra caution when visiting these beaches.

In the last 43 years, there has been an increase in the number of nests located for both Caretta caretta and the Chelonia mydas turtle breeds.