Moves to create Gaza humanitarian sea corridor ongoing

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Consultations on an initiative to create a humanitarian maritime corridor to war-stricken Gaza continue through Nicosia’s ongoing contacts with countries in the region.

According to a Foreign Ministry statement, the government has been developing an initiative to establish a controlled and sustainable humanitarian sea corridor for days to provide unimpeded and safe humanitarian assistance to Gaza.

President Nikos Christodoulides announced the initiative on the sidelines of the recent European Council.

“Several contacts have already taken place with concerned states in the region and the EU at the highest level and with other stakeholders and international organisations.

“The parameters of the initiative and the evolving plan have received positive responses and have progressed to the next stage.

“Consultations on this matter are ongoing in Nicosia, as well as through the Foreign Minister’s continued discussions with countries in the region,” said the statement.

Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos was in Jordan on Sunday for private talks with his counterpart.

He travels to Ramallah on Monday to meet with his Palestinian counterpart Riad Malki and other officials.

Kombos’ visits to Ramallah and Amman are part of his contacts with regional partners to de-escalate the Middle East situation.